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UNFPA, in partnership with UNDP, UN Women, and ESCWA, has conducted a study on Gender Justice and the Law in the Arab States region to provide a comprehensive assessment of laws and policies affecting gender equality and protection against gender-based violence in the Arab states region. The study is composed of an introductory piece that describes the background, rationale, analytical framework and methodology, and a total of 18 country profiles. Each country profile maps the country’s key legislative and policy developments regarding gender justice. This country profile presents the findings of the study relating to Sudan.

 The report provides an analysis of whether the country’s laws and policies promote or impede equality between women and men before the law, and whether they provide protection against gender-based violence.
This country profile includes analysis of the following areas of the law:
• Constitutional guarantees of gender equality and constitutional protections against gender-based violence
• Status of penal codes and whether the country has domestic violence laws that address gender-based violence
• Status of personal status codes and how they impact gender equality
• Status of nationality laws and whether they ensure that women and men enjoy equal rights in relation to citizenship
• Status of labour laws and whether they provide protection from discrimination and gender-based violence in the workplace