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On behalf of UNFPA Sudan, we kindly solicit a Request for Quotation (RFQ) for 20 Batteries for Solar Blood Bank Refrigerators

 Please find attached the following documents be filled in, signed and stamped for RFQ submission:

1.       RFQ Batteries UNFPA.SDN.RFQ.BAT.11.22.011

       This document includes general information on the requesting process and detailed instructions for RFQ submission.

2.       Annex 1. Quotation Form UNFPA.SDN.RFQ. BAT.11.22.011 

This document displays the financial information required by bidders.

Submission Deadline:

RFQs must be submitted no later than TUESDAY 15/11/2022, 12:00 pm Sudan local time.

Submission instruction:


       Submit your RFQ by email to our secured email address:

       Clearly specify in the subject field of email: UNFPA/SDN/RFQ/COM/11/22/010, [Company Name]


Fill in, sign and stamp required documents as specified in RFQ document. 

Questions / Clarification requests:

     Should you have questions about this Request For Quotation, please contact us at:


For questions on technical aspects, kindly address to:

Contact Person:               Ahmed Gamal

Tel. No.:                            +249 912396703           



For questions on bid submission, kindly address to:

Contact Person:               Lana Hifzallah

Tel. No.:                            +249 912336825