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On behalf of UNFPA Sudan, we kindly solicit a Request for Quotation (RFQ) for Cold Boxes and Hand Sanitizers

Please find attached the following document for RFQ submission:

- RFQ _Cold Boxes_Hand Sanitizers

- Annex 1. Item Specifications Form A_Cold Boxes

- Annex 2. Item Specifications Form B_Hand Sanitizer

- Annex 3. Quotation Form A_Cold Boxes

- Annex 4. Quotation Form B_Hand Sanitizer

Submission Deadline:

RFQs must be submitted no later than Wednesday 14/07/2021, 10:00 am Sudan Local Time. 

Submission instruction:


Submit your RFQ by email to our secured email address:

Clearly specify in the subject field of email: UNFPA/SDN/RFQ/CHS/07/21/014[Company Name]  


Fill in, sign and stamp required documents as specified in RFQ document.

Questions / Clarification requests:

Should you have questions about this Request For Quotation, please contact us at:

Email:         Attention: Abeer Mohamed             

Phone: +249 912915951                          Attention: Abeer Mohamed